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Software I/O Reengineering


Spectra Research can apply the I/O Reengineering and Program Crafting (IRAP) product to facilitate reengineering the input and output for models, simulations, and other file-based applications to a random access object-oriented database. This process groups the inputs and outputs that are related by analysis of the program system dependencies into default I/O objects. IRAP provides the capability to automatically generate HTML pages for the inputs associated with each of the default objects. Data input is then accomplished through a Web Browser and the application is also run from a Web Browser.

Spectra Research Capabilities

The Spectra Research Software Directorate staff is available to either apply the IRAP tools to reengineer existing legacy applications or to assist organizations that desire to license the IRAP software to perform the work. Spectra Research will also extend the IRAP software to provide additional capabilities. For example, the IRAP toolset contains capabilities to add Java Applets for output parameters. Currently, Spectra Research supports reengineering of file-base FORTRAN 77 and ANSI standard C programs. Spectra Research can tailor the FORTRAN software to handle dialects that vary significantly from ANSI standard FORTAN 77. The capability to handle FORTRAN 90 and C++ is under development. The capability to reengineer program with an existing graphical user interface will need to be supported by more manual reengineering until advanced capabilities can be incorporated into the IRAP tools.

Legacy Application Internet/Intranet Evolution

Spectra Research can apply the IRAP tools to evolve file-based legacy applications into Internet or Intranet-enabled applications. This provides the program End-user with the ability to enter data, run the program, and view output using a Web Browser.

The reengineered application can then be run from either a local or remote Windows Desktop workstation. The user also has random access to input data bases and output visualization extensibility using Java Applets. Both the input and output can be customized for specific application domains or individual users or projects.

More Information or Questions

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